Welcome to the Annual Fishing Trip Website!

This is our new website… at long last we're on the web!

This site will hopefully serve a few purposes:

1. Photo History: We will be adding photos from current and past trips… This will happen over time as Doug adds more photos from past trips - but hopefully you can always visit here to see photo albums of our trips online… An ongoing digital photo album, if you will…

2. Trip Planning: The website has a forum and will allow us to discuss planning for all upcoming trips here on the site. To use the forum, you need to Create An Account by clicking on the link in the upper right - it only takes about a minute to create an account. Once you have created your account and followed the directions, click on the Fishing Trip Forum link above to the left and you'll be able to start posting in the form and discuss next year's trip… It's easy to use after you made a couple posts…

We're always open to suggestions! Have something you want see on the site… Contact Us at the link above and Doug will respond in a timely manner!

Welcome to Fish Trip Online!

2008 Kapitachuan Trip Photos



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